Gillian Jones


Gillian Jones

Artsinspire enables me to bring together my love of Japanese culture, the creative arts, and relationship-building. Since 2007, I have designed and lead friendly, small group tours of Japan personalized to participants’ interests and providing unforgettable experiences often in lesser known places.

I am not a travel agent. I am a passionate facilitator with the skills to give you the best possible experience of both Japan and the small group with whom you will travel. I delight in sharing my love and knowledge of Japanese culture. I aim to make the arts, culture, history, and people of Japan accessible to others. My understanding of Japanese culture and philosophy and my ability to communicate in Japanese means that you will be able to go to out-of-the-way places and enter into the culture in a way which would be impossible on your own.

I embrace the Japanese Zen philosophy of “ichi-go ichi-e” “One time, one meeting” which emphasizes the unique opportunity presented by each interaction. I have postgraduate qualifications in Education, Advanced Group Facilitation, Frontline Management, Japanese Language and Culture, and Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy. I was director of a private cross-cultural educational exchange organization for 18 years and have taught Japanese Language and Business Culture at RMIT and cross-cultural communication in organizations.

In all that I do I hope to facilitate settings in which all participants feel safe and stimulated to express themselves creatively and authentically.

Artsinspire promotes the equitable growth of people and communities, and the just distribution of basic resources and respect for human rights by tithing a percentage of all profits to the International Women’s Development Agency.

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