Here’s what participants say about Artsinspire Japan Tours. Please let me know if you would like to chat to these people about their tour. They are most willing to talk to others about their experience.

“We love going to Japan with Gillian. It feels like a ‘real’ adventure with a group of friends, a far cry from the tourist treadmill. Local transport and neighbourhood eating places bring us close to the very friendly Japanese people as we marvel at this beautiful country. Be it a famous shrine or little-known village, speeding shinkansen or breathtaking garden, we feel Gillian takes us to the ‘true’ Japan. Can’t wait to go again!”- Barbara Burton, Melbourne, Australia: Autumn 2007, Autumn 2009, Spring 2010

“Travelling with Gillian Jones delights mind, soul, heart and stomach. She is by far the most well-informed, sensitive, patient, fun, ingenious, and creative tour guide I’ve ever metin four decades of travelling. Japan becomes impossibly rich thanks to her fluency in Japanese- she even gave me exact directions to the best paper store in Tokyo, where I could have stayed forever. Can’t wait to travel with Gillian again!”- Frances Bleviss, Toronto, Canada: Spring 2009

“Gillian’s tour of Japan in cherry blossom time was a shot in the dark which paid off many fold. We found it on the internet and it sounded exciting and different from the usual Japanese tours. In Kyoto we joined nine Australians who immediately made us feel members of the group. Gillian is very knowledgeable and had worked out a tour of some famous sites as well taking us off the beaten track. We saw so much, experienced a little of Japanese life and enjoyed some amazing Japanese meals. We even became confident enough to use the buses and trains when on our own. Being a small group, individual interest could be catered for. We would not hesitate to join another of Gillian’s tours.”- Mike and Alison Alexander, Totnes, U.K: Spring 2010, Autumn 2014

“Thank you for your incredibly generous spirit as you led us around Japan, and even more for opening my eyes and heart to this beautiful country and its people.” Marion Egerton – Autumn 2014, Spring 2015

Gillian’s leadership style is a very good mix of Bob the Kelpie, The Mum and The Big Sister brave enough to let her younger siblings off the hook for a bit of an independent adventure…”- Meredith Harvey, Ballarat, Australia: Spring 2016


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