Taiko ensemble Wadaiko Rindo www.wadaikorindo.com is renowned for energetic and dynamic drumming. Their performances are spectacular visual displays of stamina, strength, humour, and joy. Whether there is a single drummer or a stage full, the vibrations of the taiko drums energize the whole audience. Wadaiko Rindo’s repertoire includes traditional Japanese music as well as works composed by group members and may also feature flute, vocal work, and dance. When the speed, dexterity, and beauty of Noriko Tadano’s bluesy Shamisen playing and singing is combined with the force and vigour of the taiko there is even more exhilaration. Wadaiko rindo photos

Wadaiko Rindo and Noriko Tadano are popular performers at conferences, product launches, seminars, and festivals and facilitators for team building and leadership workshops. Their very popular performances and workshops in schools have received a recommendation from the Victorian State Ministry of Education and provide an accessible and participatory cultural experience to primary and secondary students throughout Australia.

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